About Us

Xtreme is here to change the market and bring in quality products. Xtreme is here to provide the quality so the price might be a bit higher compared to the other stress testing providers but we do this to keep the quality high and make everyone happy by providing amazing power and great custom methods. We are also providing Linux Botnets Botnet for your stressing purposes. Xtreme Stresser Booter Skype Resolver and Linux Botnet solutions are one the best in an industry with such a high failure rate our quality Tops the best. Xtreme has over 7 years of experience in the stresser market all our tools are custom and stable. We are the best booter on the market you will not be able to find anything better on the market which has the same power and quality. Buy Xtreme booter or get a Xtreme dedicated stresser account which means the power will be dedicated not shared you will be the only person on the server using the power. Xtreme also now provides ddos service we provide cheap ddos. We also have custom attacks and provide skype resolver with IP booter features. Buy ddos now.

Why Choose us?

Top Quality

Xtreme provides the best quality that cant be compared to anything on the web.


Xtreme is known for providing xtreme power. Click on Dedicated Stresser to get Info about Linux Botnet Packages and contact us to buy one of them

Best Support

Xtreme also provides the most friendly support For any Type of DDos and Stress Testing Purposes and needs.

Indescribable Experience

Xtreme also has the longest experience in this market.